NEW: Under-Over System with Manual Turntables


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    Over/Under & Side-By-Side Racks
    Gravity Conveyors
    Powered Conveyors

    One key to lean manufacturing and assembly is correct parts presentation at the line.

    DR STORAGE equipment will properly store and stage returnable containers assuring an appropriate parts supply, comfortably displayed, to your operators – all within your plant’s floor restrictions. Contact us for a TURN-KEY proposal.


    Under-Over Flow Tilters

    under-over flow tilter FIFO stocdk rotation
    “Automatic” FIFO Stock Rotation.
    Ideal for plastic returnable containers.
    Unique “Under/Over” design for ease and safety.
    Ergonomically superior.
    Fully assembled and tested, ready to use.
    Powered and custom designs available.
    FIFO stock rotation for plastic returnable containers
    under over flow tilter for assembly line













    Side-by-Side Flow Tilter

    Flow Tilter for FIFO stock rotation
    FIFO  plastic tray-type stackable dunnage
    “Automatic” FIFO Stock Rotation.
    Ideal for plastic tray-type stackable dunnage, containers and pallets.
    Operator’s efficiency is dramatically improved.
    Optional - lift/tilt and turntables available.

    Gravity and Powered Conveyors

    DR STORAGE SYSTEMS has been providing powered and gravity conveyor systems since 1992. Our supplier partners have a combined experience level of over 60 years. All programs are managed to conform to our rigid ISO 9002 quality standards.

    Please contact us today for a field check analysis and proposal.

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